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My aim is to empower individuals to live happier, healthier, more rewarding lives. Below are just a few testimonials from some of my clients...

" I turned to Farnoosh when a childhood memory was triggered, as it has done at previous timepoints in my life.  Over the years, I have had 3 separate courses of psychotherapy.  This time, I not only felt overwhelmed that the trauma could still be felt, but I was determined to deal with it once and for all.  I had had a gut feeling about hypnotherapy and that I needed to regress into child state and go back to the place.  In order to do so, I also needed a supportive trustworthy and experienced guide as Farnoosh.  It took a 2nd session to go back and heal the trauma, it was so deep and hidden.  I believe that EFT and regressive hypnotherapy cleared a memory that psychotherapy couldn't.  I had to get to my subconscious mind and it was a profound experience.  I received healing of a deep wound and feel peace at last for which I am extraordinarlily grateful.  If you are troubled by flashbacks that won't shift, are still re-living feelings and thoughts from your traumatic past, I would have no hesitation in recommending EFT and hypnotherapy with Farnoosh.  

Louisa (Macmillan cancer support manager)

"I started seeing Farnoosh to help me with anxiety and panick attack before starting my final year at University and I've been seeing her every week since. Farnoosh is very loving and kind and we've cleared lots of issues through tapping and matrix re-imprinting. Almost immediately, I stopped feeling so sad and I was no longer crying all the time. I feel that since seeing Farnoosh I've grown greatly in selfconfidence and the little things that used to send me over the edge no longer bother me. It was allthanks to Farnoosh that I managed to sit all my final exams and overcome my writer's block!
I also feel that I've learnt to be more loving and compassionate towards others. All in all I feel so very grateful and blessed to have met Farnoosh."

Zuleika (Cambridge university student)

" I first came to Farnoosh to tackle weight loss and she helped me to understand there were deeper issues which mostly came from my childhood that I had never been ready to confront. Through Matrix reimprinting and EFT she worked with me to overcome these issues and then using hypnotherapy to reinforce and strengthen my will power so I didn’t need to go on a diet but instead just eating healthy and smaller portions. I am happy to say I have lost over ten kilos thanks to my work with Farnoosh.
From the first day I felt very comfortable with her and she is fantastic person full of Love , Joy and Energy . I am eternally grateful for everything she helped me learn about myself."

Juliette(Compliance Manager)

"I had been gambling for almost 8 years having realised that it had been restricting my life by ruining my relationships ,causing financial problems and not to mention my general mental health ..! I contacted Farnoosh and After only a relatively a short time she helped me using a combination of EFT and Hypnosis to curb my need to gamble and I truely feel free of gambling for the first time since I started it and have no desire to do so. I found Farnoosh genuine, caring and very professional so I have No hesitation to recommend her. "

Dale (Sales Executive)

Peter came to see me as he had a phobia of dentist since childhood after three session
This is what he said "The treatment went well.  My wife, who accompanied me, said she couldn’t believe the difference in me. I felt completely in control.   Thanks for your help Farnoosh."

Peter (Retired Business man)

"I am thankful a series of coincidences led me to meet Farnoosh as this has been a gift to me from life. This is because she's a very valuable and professional therapist who has helped me enormously and deeply with my inner sufferings that I have carried since childhood. Thanks to her help for the first time I now deeply feel love and respect for my life. I highly recommend her for her open mindedness, her capability and practicality to help people."

Angela (Dance Teacher)

"I initially went to Farnoosh to try and tackle weight loss but soon realized that the over eating and comfort eating were linked to deeper issues. I'd been on a high dose of anti depressants for 10 years after spending many years self harming and feeling miserable. I'd tried coming off the tablets several times but each time ended up back at square one. A doctor once told me there was no problem being on the tablets for life and that it was no different from taking long term medication for a physical illness. With Farnoosh's help I am now free from the tablets and can't see myself ever going back. It wasn't easy but with a variety of techniques Farnoosh proved to me that I don't need the tablets and in fact they've been masking and suppressing my emotions for years. I would recommend to anybody to seek help and deal with emotion and clear it rather than trying to suppress it as it has a habit of coming back!" 

Rebbecca K  (Prisoner Custody Officer)

"I was a smoker for 9 years and a few times I tried to give it up with no avail. That is when 
I decided to try hypnotherapy and it was unbelievable! After my consultation by the second  session I gave up smoking! Now it is over a year since I have smoked a single cigarette. Many thanks Farnoosh ".

Giacomo G (Music Therapist)

" Ever since I can remember I used to bite my nails, I was embarrassed and wanted to stop this habit as I love to have long nails. I decided to use hypnotherapy to see if it could help me. I was amazed that after only 2 sessions I no longer had any desire to bite my nails. My nails are looking wonderful now!  A huge thanks to you Farnoosh ".

Sada KH (Fashion Adviser)

"Since meeting Farnoosh, I have never looked back. For years I have grapelled with emotional issues, which even after six years of training as a complementary therapist remained unresolved. I feel so grateful to have met her, her passion for her work is phenomenal and her integrity is second to none. My life has revolutionized and I am feeling 'whole' for the first time in my life - I just wish I met her years ago!"

Liz K (Complementary Therapist )

 "Until last year, I had a phobia of wasps and bees, which meant I couldn't go outside as much as I would have liked to in the summer, or fully enjoy myself. I went to Farnoosh, and received hypnotherapy, and after one session, I felt more at ease with the whole concept of my phobia. Farnoosh helped me to overcome my fear, and now, although I cannot say I enjoy being around them, I am less afraid of wasps and bees, and I find that I can be around them without feeling frightened."          

Mitra M (Student)

"Noosh has helped me to look at things were previously holding me back in an entirely and, to be honest, much better way.  Better in that I feel less trapped by painful emotions and have a greater sense of freedom as a result.  She also has a very gentle and non-judgmental approach which is vital when it gets to the nitty-gritty of our minds."

Gill W   (English Teacher)