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Past Life Regression

While in hypnosis it is possible to access information about who we might have been in a past life. There are many possible reasons why a client may wish to explore a past life, such as to gain insight into a problem affecting them in this lifetime, or perhaps just for their own personal interest. Past life regression often has a profoundly cathartic effect and can leave the client feeling better and more focussed in various aspects of their life. 

While it is important to have an open mind when using past life regression therapy, it is not imperative to believe unequivocally in reincarnation. Aside from it being a genuine past life memory, other suggestions to explain the detailed nature of these memories include it being an ancestral or genetic memory, or a product of the client’s own unconscious which is presenting a metaphor or story to shed new light on a problem affecting their life. Whatever the beliefs behind these “memories”, past life regression can yield interesting results and positive benefits for the client time after time.

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