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Crystal Bed Therapy

What is Crystal Bed Therapy?


crystals bed therapy

A combination of crystal and Light therapy from John of God's world famous healing centre in Brazil. Promoting healing by bringing the chakras back in balance and removing any energy blocks in the body.

The crystal bed uses the combined healing properties of crystals and colour therapy to bring about relaxation, wellbeing and healing to the entire system.

The crystal bed consists of seven clear quartz crystals that are suspended from a bracket over a massage bed. Each of the crystals have been cut to a specific length and frequency to vibrate at the same resonance as the body’s seven main energy centres, or chakras.

During a session on the crystal bed coloured lights – which correspond to the chakras - are passed through each crystal, directing light, colour and energy to the chakra to clear blockages, restore balance, and realign the energy. When the chakras are unblocked and the energy flows freely, the mental, emotional and physical system can heal.

Benefits of Crystal Bed Healing

The crystal bed can treat a range of conditions by working on the entire system holistically. Rather than simply treating the symptoms, the crystal bed works in harmony with your own energy to rebalance and harmonise the body’s natural rhythms.

Once you are in a deeply relaxed state, you will be better able to let go of stress, tension and negative patterns that can result in physical pain or emotional upset. By encouraging the body to heal itself naturally, the symptoms are less likely to reoccur.

The crystal bed can assist with relieving a range of symptoms including insomnia, anxiety, asthma, eating disorders. People who have experienced "Crystal Healing" report different effects.

Some of the following have been reported:

  • Balancing and harmonising of the chakras
  • Re-balancing frequencies in the electromagnetic field
  • Triggering healing processes in the body
  • Helping improve the functions of physical systems
  • Helping to develop and initiate spiritual awareness
  • Reduction in stress and tension and inducing relaxation
  • Gain deeper spiritual understanding of the self and life situations
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